Summer Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We study fiction and non-fiction texts related to the Victorians and our study of the transition from an agrarian to industrial society - specifically related to our residential visit in Ironbridge Gorge.

As writers, we will record an experiment, using clear instructions; recount an experience of being in a Victorian classroom; and write an explanation about what we believe would make a good Monarch.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in all the areas of maths previously covered, whilst also focussing on shape, position and direction.

As scientists, we will investigate how voltage can affect output and learn the correct symbols when drawing a simple circuit diagram. We will also identify and describe the functions of the main part of the human circulatory system, how diet and lifestyle impacts our bodies and how animals use nutrients and water to thrive.

As geographers, we will experience an exciting trip to Ironbridge Gorge and from there, develop geography work from our first hand experiences. Children will learn about the water-cycle in more depth and study the River Severn, describing settlement patterns and economic activity around this area.

As historians, we will be investigating aspects of life in our locality in the Victorian era and how it influenced our present day.

As theologians, we will revisit the key beliefs in Christianity, looking at the God, the Fall and the Trinity. We will look at theories of the creation of the earth and analyse how these compare to the theories in Hinduism and Islam. We will look at Christian rites of passage for birth, confirmation and also marriage which will be compared to other faiths and also non religious traditions.

As computer users, we will calculate different averages using formulas, as well as using different tools to help us to analyse data. Also, we will combine different computing applications to achieve a specific goal.

As artists, we will link our work to our residential visit to Ironbridge Gorge and Victorian Britain. We will look at the work of William Morris and recreate our own versions in his style using printing with 3 layers, painting in watercolour and textiles. We will also work as a large group to produce a big painting, where we can show texture, light, shade and depth by applying all the skills and techniques we have learnt through school.

As responsible citizens, we learn about entrepreneurs and their skills. We discover the differences between legal, prescribed, restricted and illegal drugs and how drugs affect us.

As musicians, we will consider the music of the Victorian era, from Music Hall songs to Romantic composers. We shall use the idea of machinery from the Industrial Revolution as a starting point for composing work. We will also have the opportunity to sing in a musical production.

As sports people, we will start to apply the technique of throwing a discus and work on hurdles stride.

As liguists, we will learn about different public buildings in towns and areas and learn new vocabulary to help us on our holidays in Spanish speaking countries.

As designers, we will design and make a bridge using paper. We will assess its performance throughout the process and discuss improvements. In food technology, we will design and make a tart. We will investigate simple tart recipes and older Victorian tart recipes and from this create our own design specification and recipe. We will then make and evaluate our final product.