Spring Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We study non-fiction books about modern and ancient China; read a selection of fiction books set in China; and study a variety of texts linked to Kenya.

As writers, we write a description of a Massai woman and write a comparison about Kenya and the UK. We also write a biography and diary entry.

As mathematicians, we will learn about ratio and fractions. We will also learn about scale factors, algebra, decimals and percentages, area and perimeter, volume and statistics.

As scientists we will describe how living things are classified into broad groups and give reasons as to how we have classified them

As geographers, we will learn about mountains and the environment. We will use maps, atlases and digital mapping to deepen our knowledge of topography and understand key aspects of mountains. We will also learn about the impact of tourism and how this affects the human and physical geography and environment of mountainous regions.

As historians, we will be learning about the ancient civilisation - The Shang Dynasty.

As theologians, we will revisit the key beliefs in Hinduism, looking at the Trimurti, dharma and moksha in relation to the cycle of life. We will investigate the rites of passage for birth and marriage in Hinduism and the value these have within the religion. As theologians we will revisit the key beliefs in Islam, looking at tawid and harmony and at the straight path, Shariah. We will investigate the rites of passage for birth and marriage in Islam and compare them with key features from the Hindu religion.

As computer users, we will design and create a multi-level maze game. Also, we will debug complex selection and loop errors.

As artists, we will be introduced to watercolour paints and learn how to use them and blend the colours in different ways and for different effects. We will continue to develop our pastel skills to show light and shade in our work and apply the skills we have learnt in painting, using different techniques to show texture and depth. We will look at the work of the ancient Chinese artist Shen Zhou, discussing the techniques used, the content of the paintings and the viewers’ responses, before recreating our own work in his style.

As responsible citizens, we learn how to recognise poor and good mental health. We discover what things can impact on our mental health and explore techniques we can use to help us to relax. We learn about the effects of physical activity on our mood and sleep.

As musicians, we will compare two contrasting styles of world music. We shall explore modes and timbre in the case of Chinese and Indonesian music. We shall contrast this with the riff and rhythm patterns used in African music. We shall continue to develop a range of instrumental skills.

As sports people, we will start to evaluate performances effectively using our gymnastics assessment criteria to suggest improvements.

As linguists, we will learn about the geography of Spain and the weather in its different regions.