Summer Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We will focus on Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Children will explore the style of Ted Hughes in great depth and be able to retell the story in their own words. Alongside this, children will read a variety of non-fiction texts about the Anglo Saxons, as well as fictional literature related to the Anglo-Saxons such as King Arthur and Beowulf.

As writers, we will use the theme of Anglo-Saxons to write our own King Arthur inspired text. We will write a persuasive piece of writing and use the story of Iron Man by Ted Hughes as the basis for a Science-Fiction narrative. We will continue to extend our understanding of poetic genres through writing a free-verse poem.

As mathematicians, we will learn about decimals, money, time, shape, statistics and position and direction.

As scientists, we investigate how sound is made and how we can hear things. We will also identify what needs electricity to work and construct our own simple electrical circuits.

As geographers, we will learn about Spain with a particular focus on the Andalusia region. The children will learn about Spanish customs and culture, will study the human and physical geography and compare and contrast a region of Spain with a region in England.

As historians, we will be investigating aspects of life in our locality in the Tudor period of history.

As theologians, we will explore the role of pilgrimage in different faiths and Jerusalem – the place of pilgrimage for different religions. Christian pilgrimage, Walsingham, Canterbury tales and Hindu pilgrimage, Kumbh Mela. We will consider pilgrimage and the environment, including the positive and negative impact on environment of the Kumbh Mela and the hajj, for example.

As computer users, we will use Scratch to create an interactive display to present information. Also, we will learn how to debug algorithms with sequencing errors.

As artists, we will be inspired by a visit to Gainsborough Old Hall. Linked to the Tudors, we will study Holbein and his portrait of Henry VIII, where we will look at the proportions of the face for portraits. We will also use our patterning skills and techniques in pencil and ink to produce work linked to this. We will continue to develop our painting skills by looking at shades and tones of colours.

As responsible citizens, we learn about gender stereotyping in careers. We explore the effects of smoking and alcohol on the body.

As musicians, we will explore how to create moods in music and how to use art and images as a starting point for composing work. We will explore how to record and blend sounds. We will prepare songs for a large-scale performance.

As sports people, we will start to understand the techniques involved in throwing a javelin effectively for distance.

As linguists, we will learn about different types of homes, the rooms and furniture in them and in the garden.

As designers, we will design, make and evaluate our own Iron Man head with a working electrical circuit inside.