Summer Term

This term we will be discovering what the Romans did for Britain, we will research and examine different light sources as well as looking at the functions of a plant and what they require to survive. We will also deepen our understanding of the Sikh way of life.

As historians, we delve into the past to discover the impact the invasion of the Romans had on Britain and discover the legacies they left behind locally and nationally.

As theologians, we will take a deeper look into the Sikh way of life concentrating on the Golden Temple of Amritsar and the concept of One God ‘Waheguru’ (wonderful teacher).

As writers, we will write a historical narrative, a non-choronogical report, a persuasive text and poetry linked to the term's themes.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in the areas we have previously learnt during Year 3. Our addition and subtraction calculation skills will be developed by focussing on mental methods. Meanwhile, we will further our multiplication and division skills by solving a greater range of problems, inclusinf missing number problems. To increase our knowledge of fractions, we will learn to work with tenths. We will work to improve our time-telling skills which we began last term and also continue to develop our work with 2D shapes and 3D forms.

As scientists, we will be learning about the functions of plants and different light sources. Furthermore, we will be conducting a number of scientific enquiries to explore different scientific questions within these two topics.

As readers, we will be reading Escape from Pompeii and a number of other fictional and non-fictional texts relating to Roman Britain, and Sikhism.

As artists, we will create pieces of artwork relating to Roman Britain and Plants using paint, sewing, pen and ink and clay. We will also be looking at the work of Mondrian and Georgia O’Keeffe.

As responsible citizens, we will be learning about road safety. In addition, we will examine the differences between medicines and drugs and their potential to harm.

As computer users, we will be developing our coding skills and using ICT to input data into prepared databases.

As Spanish linguists, we will be learning about animals and the verb tener (to have), classroom language and objects within the classroom. We will also learn how to use a Spanish dictionary.

As designers, we will design a replica Roman road.

As musicians, we will explore songs linked to the Romans. We will listen to music that helps to tell a story, and will create our own pieces using symbols and pictures as prompts. We will start to think about structure in the music we perform and create.

As sports people, we will be participating in a variety of track and field events, which will go hand in hand with our Sports' Day. We will understand the contrast between stamina and speed in regards to track events. We will also explore the basic skills of striking a ball and improving our hand-eye coordination.