Spring Term

This term we will learn about Rocks and Soils. We will also learn about Prehistoric Britain from the Neolithic era up to the Iron Age.

As scientists, we will investigate the properties of rocks and explore different soil profiles.

As historians, we will take a journey back through time before records began to examine life in these eras. This will also include a visit to Creswell Crags to view primary and secondary artefacts.

As geographers, will be learning about the key aspects of the formation of volcanoes and including the rock cycle.

As writers, we will write an adventure fiction, acrostic poem, a formal letter and a non-chronological report.

As readers, we will be studying The Stolen Spear by Saviour Pirotta, Pebble in my Pocket, as well as other texts relating to Prehistoric Britain and non-fiction texts relating to Rocks and Soils.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in the areas we learnt last term. We will expand this through introducing more formal methods of multiplication and division. We will learn how to recognise fractions of sets of objects and begin to compare and order fractions. We will develop our skills in telling the time by learning how to do this to the nearest minute; as well as learning other units of time (seconds, days, months and years). Whilst telling the time, we will introduce Roman numerals.

As responsible citizens, we will be learning how to stay safe both at school and home as well as exploring what makes a good friend.

As artists, we will create pieces of artwork relating to Prehistoric Britain and traditional aboriginal art using paint, sewing, pen and ink and clay. We will also be looking at the work of Pablo Picasso too.

As computer users, we will be learning presentational skills.

As Spanish linguists, we will be learning through the book of the Hungry Caterpillar, introducing numbers 1-15, days of the week, colours and some basic foods.

As designers, we will design a replica Stone Age roundhouse.

As musicians, we will explore how sounds are combined and can create harmony. We will create music as a background to an animation and learn how sounds can be recorded and used together. We will sing some Australian songs and rounds.

As sports people, we will learn the advanced movements of the Chinese Morning Exercise routine and concentrate on body placement. We will start to understand the rules and regulations of Dodgeball. We will develop and improve on our decision-making. We will also start to understand the rules and regulations of Football. We will concentrate on fundamental ball skills like dribbling, passing and controlling the ball. We will perform these skills during match-based activities.