Spring Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We will use a wide range of quality texts, such as: Emma Jayne’s aeroplane, Journey by Aaron Decker and How to become a Pirate: Pirate school by Colin Mc Naughton to explore different author’s styles and inspire our own writing.

As writers, we will write a diary, a non-chronological report about cars, linked to our Design and Technology work, a set of instructions and an Adventure story related to our study of Journey by Aaron Decker.

As mathematicians, we will learn about multiplication and division, focussing on the 2,5 and 10 x tables. In measurement, we will be learning about money, length and height and mass, capacity and temperature.

As scientists, we will identify why different materials are best suited for different uses as well as how solids can change shape.

As geographers, we will learn about the world. We will use atlases to learn about continents and oceans and be able to identify countries within continents. Children will learn about hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator and will enjoy learning and being curious and excited about the world around them.

As sports people, we will be applying the fundamental shapes to sequences. Outside we will start to learn how to kick, control and dribble a football.

As theologians, we will learn what Christians believe is their role in looking after the world in God’s image, building on our knowledge of the creation story. We will explore how Christians believe they should love thy neighbour and parables that teach this. We will also look at other parables that teach Christians what God is like and how to be a good Samaritan in the community.

As computer users, we will evaluate different algorithms and create algorithms to solve a problem. Also, we will continue to practise our debugging skills using a BeeBot.

As artists, we will learn how to mix powder paint accurately, study the colour wheel and produce secondary colours. We will study the work of George Seurat and replicate through our own piece of pointillism. We will also learn how to create a decorative clay tile using different tools and techniques for creating texture.

As citizens, in PSHE, we will learn about life cycles, keeping safe in the home and outside the home, road safety and internet safety. We will learn about careers, exploitation and stereotypes.

As musicians, we will sing about different types of transport. We will listen to music about musical journeys and will compose a class piece in response to this. We will explore some traditional music from Canada and think about different ways of combining our voices, such as rounds and partner songs.

As designers, we will design and make a car with a moving axle and wheel. Through testing, we will then adapt and improve our cars and evaluate its performance.