Welcome to Reception

As we welcome you into our unit you will notice children playing and exploring in the continuous provision. There will be children making models in the workshop or construction, children being story tellers in the small world or role play, children perfecting their new found knowledge of letters and sounds at the writing table - the list really does go on! We are also lucky enough to have a fantastic outdoor area, which we see as an extension of our classroom. Children love to explore the water play, mud kitchen, garden and music area. We go outdoors whatever the weather and sometimes the wetter and the windier the better! We provide the children with fleeces, waterproof jackets/trousers, wellies and sun hats so we are always prepared.

In a typical day children will spend a short amounts of time on the carpet with their teacher where they will be taught new knowledge and skills. They will also take part in adult-led activities in a small group. The children then have plenty of time to follow their own interests and fascinations in child initiated play. We value the importance of play in our unit and ensure that the experienced and specially trained adults have time to play alongside the children too, one of our favourite things to do! We love to share the children’s learning journey with you and at least once a term we will send pictures and stories about your child’s learning via our online learning tool. More details are shared about this in the parents' meeting we have in October.

We follow the Read Write Inc. programme and children begin their journey to reading success by being taught the Set 1 sounds during the Autumn Term. After each new sound we send home a sheet that enables the children to practise the sound and its formation at home with you. Children are given one or two new home/school reading books every Monday. We encourage parents to hear their children read ‘little and often’ and we ask that reading books are in book bags every Monday so books can be collected and changed.

Our afternoons are dedicated to developing the children’s own interests. It’s their job to tell us what they want to learn about, and our job to build a diverse and exciting curriculum around them ... wherever this might take us.

On a Friday we have PE. Children will require their PE kit in school on these days. We recommend that children keep their PE kit in school for the half term and we will send it home for washing before each school holiday.

We are also lucky enough to have a specialist music teacher who teaches the children every Thursday. The children love this time and can often be heard singing the new songs they have learnt. They have plenty of opportunity to explore the musical instruments and compose their own pieces.

Our Curriculum