SEND Information

We are an inclusive school that aims to ensure that all children reach their potential.

Please find below our SEN information report for the current academic year.

Click here to find information about North Lincolnshire Council's Local Offer.

Any complaints or concerns you have regarding the support your child receives should be dealt with by following the policy available on this website.

SEND Information Report
Accessibility Plan.pdf

Accessibility Plan

Equality And Diversity Policy.pdf

Equality & Diversity Policy

Supporting Pupils At School With Medical Conditions Policy.pdf

Medical Needs Policy

SEN And Disability Policy.pdf

SEND Policy

Equality Objectives 2021 - 2024

Schools are required to set equality objectives which are reviewed at least every four years.

Objective 1

To ensure the school has a curriculum which teaches about global diversity and equality for all.

Objective 2

To continue to evaluate pupil achievements to reduce attainment progress gaps between groups of pupils.

Objective 3

To continue analysing pupil attendance data to ensure equality of access to school.

Objective 4

To maintain the high levels of accessibility to the school site for all stakeholders.