School Policies

Accessibility Plan.pdf

Accesibility Plan

Adverse Weather And Other Emergency Conditions Policy.pdf

Adverse Weather And Other Emergency Conditions Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy.pdf

Behaviour Policy

Building Handbook for Maintained Schools.pdf

Building Handbook For Maintained Schools

Charging and Concessions Policy.pdf

Charging And Concessions Policy

Complaints Procedure.pdf

Complaints Procedure

Drug Policy.pdf

Drug Policy

Educational And Off-Site Visits Policy.pdf

Equality And Diversity Policy.pdf

eSafeguarding Policy.pdf

Head Lice Guidelines Policy.pdf

Information Governance - Information Security And Confidentiality Policy.pdf

Information Governance - Records Management Policy.pdf

Information Governance - Complaints Policy Insert.pdf

Information Governance - Request For Information Policy.pdf

Safeguarding And Child Protection Policy.pdf

Covid-19 Safeguarding Addendum.pdf

SEN And Disability Policy.pdf

Separated Parents Policy.pdf

Smoking Policy.pdf

Smoking Policy

Remote Education.pdf

Remote Education