Closure Of School

This page details the procedures adopted in the school during bad weather conditions, and in particular heavy snow.

If the school were not going to open on a particular day, this would be announced by the following methods:

1. Text Message

2. Homepage of the school’s website

3. Radio Viking, Radio Humberside or Lincs FM

In addition to this, we would do everything possible to ensure that a member of staff was at school to meet those children whose parents had not heard the announcement.

If the school is already open, and snow conditions worsen, then parents are welcome to collect their children early if they feel that they would be unsafe if left until the end of the normal school day. If we felt that it was necessary to close the school, we would contact all parents by either telephone or the texting system. The school would remain open until all children were collected.

You will appreciate that it is very important that parents inform the school of any change of emergency contact numbers, both for adverse weather conditions, and in the case of an accident. Also it is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date on the ScholarPack School App, our messaging system, as school cannot do this and you may miss vital communications.

A number of children we have found do not know their own home telephone number; may we ask that you check that your child knows your home number by heart and, if not, please try and teach them it? They may need this information in the case of an accident or other emergency.

Remote Education.pdf

Remote Education

Remote Education

If school is closed, for any reason, we have a Remote Education policy which details how we will continue your child's education during the period of closure.