Breakfast Club


We hope that you find this information about our Breakfast Club useful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office or a member of the Breakfast Club staff.


  • To provide child care facilities for Primary school age children (Reception to Year 6) from 7:45am until the start of school every week day during term time.

  • To ensure that children have had a nutritious breakfast to prepare them for the school day.

We Offer

  • A healthy breakfast which a choice of different cereals; freshly prepared toast; fruit juices or milk to drink and finally a selection of fruit.

  • A range of stimulating games, resources and activities which are appropriate to the ages of the children. These are often linked to current events such as Christmas or the seasons.

  • Fun and friendship with children of different ages within the school and adults.

  • The support of a professional team of staff.

Breakfast club is run by school staff and comes under the umbrella of all school policies with regards to special educational needs; disability and discrimination; health and safety; behaviour and other appropriate policies. All of these are available to view in the school office or on the school website.


Staffing levels ensure that there is no fixed admission limit at present. However, if this becomes necessary then places will be allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Children attending Broughton Primary School.

  • Looked-After Children.

  • Children with Special Educational Needs when this facility is requested on their statement of need.

Emergency Admissions

Whilst the majority of parents use the established system to book their child in to Breakfast Club on a half-termly basis, we understand that sometimes emergencies arise.

We are happy to help families that, at short notice, find that they need to use Breakfast Club for their child.

In such cases, please contact the School Office and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Booking and Payment of Fees

The cost of Breakfast Club is £3.00 per session or part thereof.

Bookings are made online via ParentPay.

Money for missed sessions will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.

Childcare vouchers are accepted – please book using the form below as ParentPay cannot accept vouchers. Please click here to book or use the button at the bottom.


Access to Breakfast Club is through the door of the Studio Hall accessed via the main playground.

Staff will register your child’s attendance when they arrive.

Children are taken by a member of staff to their classrooms ready for the start of school.