November 2011

posted 14 Nov 2011, 11:22 by Broughton Admin   [ updated 14 Nov 2011, 11:24 ]
The School Council discussed the lack of Clubs available to Y3.  Mr Hargrave agreed to discuss the issue with the teaching staff and see what might be done to address this issue.

Y4 reported the need for more games for 'wet breaks'.  Mr Hargrave explained that their teacher was responsible for this and they should talk to them.  Other year groups had placed orders for more equipment and this would be possible for Y4, if their teacher made a list of the required games.

The pupils in Y4 stated that there was a shortage of rackets to play with.  Jake ( Ivolve Sports) checked this immediately and found that we have 18 rackets.  We will order some more balls.

Mr Hargrave agreed to ask Pete, who runs Chess Club, if it might be possible for some Y3s to join.  Mr Hargrave agreed to report back.