Clothing lists for both visits

Here are the clothing lists for our residential visits to Robin Hoods Bay and Ironbridge Gorge.


Clothing List.

1. Waterproof Mac / Wind cheater (preferably with hood - or other head gear such as a bobble hat.)

2. Wellingtons and a pair of strong waterproof shoes (we will be walking across fields).

3. Long trousers or cord jeans (denim jeans are not suitable for wet weather).

4. Warm jumpers / cardigans / T-shirts / blouses (at least two layers).

5. Scarf and gloves.

6. Underwear.

7. At least one complete change of clothing.

8. Towel.

9. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

10. Soap and flannel.

11. Pyjamas / Nightdress, dressing gown and slippers / pumps.

12. Hairbrush and comb.

Any valuables (watches, cameras, etc.) are to be the responsibility of the owner.

DAY 1: Packed lunch and drink (in an unbreakable container)

Cagoules, over trousers and day sacks will be provided by the school whilst the children are at Robin Hood's Bay.


Suggested Clothing List

1. Waterproof mac / windcheater. This should keep them dry if it rains.

2. Hat and sun cream to protect from the sun.

3. Strong waterproof shoes/trainers.

4. Long trousers, jeans are acceptable.

5. Shorts.

6. T-shirts.

7. Track suit/shell suits are acceptable.

8. Underwear.

9. At least two complete changes of clothing.

10. Towel for washing and showering.

11. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

12. Soap.

13. Pyjamas/Night-dress.

14. Dressing gown.

15. Slippers/indoor shoes.

16. Hairbrush or comb.

17. Rucksack to carry packed lunch and extra clothing.

Please remember we have no insurance for any valuables like watches and cameras, they will be the responsibility of your child.

At the Victorian School which we will visit on the Wednesday, the boys will need a pair of dark trousers (the museum says that jeans or track suit pants are NOT suitable) and a pair of knee length socks grey or black and black shoes.

The girls will need to tie any long hair back so they need a piece of dark ribbon or string and wear white socks with black shoes. The museum is strict about these conditions to maintain authenticity. Please help us to meet their requirements.

Mobile phones and any electric games must not be brought on this residential visit.

Day 1.A packed lunch and drink are needed, please put them in a container that can be thrown away.