Read Write Inc

As your children learn to read using the Read Write Inc. programme, they will encounter both green words (which they can sound out phonetically) and red words (which have to be learnt as they are either not phonetically regular or too advanced for the sounds your child has learnt).

These words are given below so that you can practice them with your child. They are arranged according to the stage of the programme which your child will be working on. Please don't be tempted to forge ahead and learn all the words too quickly, as the scheme relies on children "over-learning" words and they also have to be recognised in the correct context.
Red Ditties

I of  my  to   the
no  me     

Set 1 Green Books

 the your  said  you   my
 I  he are   of  no

Set 2 Purple Books

the of  to  my 
me  go  he  baby  said 
are  you  paint  your  he 

Set 3 Pink Books

all my  the  like  I've 
want  you call  we  be 
no  her  are of  me 
said  he  she  to washing 
some  be  there  so   

Set 4 Orange Books

what they do  said  you 
to  the  me  be  want 
my  go  he  no  old 
are  we  so  was  of 
her  all  she     

Set 5 Yellow Books

one  saw  her  to  go 
the  all  was  some  she 
be  he  they  watch  watches 
me  said  my  want  you 
school  are  of  small  do 
by  wall  there  what  no 
so  your  who  tall  call 
brother  I'm  I've  their  any 
fall  were       

Set 6 Blue Books

any  other  two  one  all 
her  there  said  could  they 
would  want  their  watch  some 
anyone  over  who  does  school 
through  once  here  son  you're 
her  why  brother  were  humans 
whole  what was  small  tall 

Set 7 Grey Books

should were  there  call  want 
come  one  through  many  could 
are  other  was  two  who 
you  said  your  what  school 
mother  to  they  father  watch 
anyone  whole  water  great  brother 
above where  here  someone  another 
walk  what  small  any  here 
son  would