Get Spelling

At our school, we want to ensure that every child is a confident and competent speller. To make this happen, we dedicate 10 minutes every day to teaching children how to spell. We take a structured approach and the children will learn and practice not only spelling patterns, but also how they relate to the sounds, thereby giving them the necessary building blocks to be able to spell almost every word.

In the past, we have found that weekly tests have not led to children being better spellers, but only better at remembering spellings for a test. Often children have also had a negative attitude towards spelling due to the traditional weekly test. This is why we have decided to not have weekly tests and instead dedicate more quality class time to spelling.
Book 1

 Unit Sound  Graphemes
 1 "ay"  ay  a e  ai  eigh 
 2 "ee"  ee  ea   
 3 "igh"  igh  i e  ie 
 4 "ow" ow  o e  oa   
 5 "oo" oo u e ew  ue oe 
 6 "ou" ou  ow       
 7 "ar" ar       
 8 "ir" ir  ur  er     
 9 "air" air  are  ere     
 10 "or" or  ore oor  aw   
 11 "oy" oy  oi       
 12 "ear" ear  eer       
"ire" ire         

Book 2

 Unit  Sound or Pattern  Graphemes
 1 Soft "c"        
 2 Soft "g"        
 3 Unusual plurals        
 4 Short vowel doubling        
 5 -ie        
 6 -al -al -il  -el   
 7 -en -en  -on  -an  -in 
 8 -tion  -tion -sion    
 9  -ent -ent -ant     
 10  -ence -ence -ance     
 11  -ous -ous  -cious -tious   
 12  -ure -ure -or  -our   
 13  -ible -ible  -ibly -able   -ably
 14  -ful -ful  -fully     

Book 3

 Unit Graphemes
 1 ac-  ad- 
 2 Double letters 
 3 com- 
 4 con- 
 5 de-  di-  des-  dis- 
 6 ed-  ex- 
 7 il-  im-  in- 
 8 pre-  pro- 
 9 re- 
 10 ch = k  sh 
 11 ph = f 
 12 -que = k  -gue = g