Year 1

In Year 1, the children have a play-based curriculum. We work both inside and outside all day, every day to ensure that all children’s needs and learning styles are catered for. The children in Year 1 have activities set up both indoors and outdoors that they can go and access whenever they are not working directly with an adult on a specific task.

Throughout the year we learn about things as they happen, for example, the seasons, special events such as Bonfire Night and Commonwealth. We also study religious events as they occur in both Christianity and Islam. The children’s social and emotional skills are developed through the continuous provision activities we set up and, through stories and activities we do with the children.

We follow the RWI scheme for our phonics and English lessons. This enhances spelling, writing, reading and comprehension. We also carry out an independent writing task that is linked to the topic each week.

In Maths, we follow the Numicon scheme of work, which ensures the children explore mathematical concepts in many different ways.

The Year 1 topics take the children’s interests and events that happen throughout the year, and match them to the skills the children need to develop to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.


Children in Year 1 will learn about these things throughout the year:


·     Different artists and use different media and techniques to create artwork.

·     The United Kingdom, its countries and human and physical features.

·     Hot and cold areas of the world.

·     Plants and growing.

·     Different materials.

·     Seasonal changes.

·     Animals groups including humans.

·     Designing, making and evaluating products.

·     Significant people and events.

·     Changes within living memory.

·     Using a range of technology.

·     How to stay safe when using the internet.