In Reception, our curriculum is shaped by the children’s interests, significant events throughout the year and the Early Learning Goals (ELGs), which are set out by the government. 

Each child is unique and has different interests and ways in which they prefer to learn. We spend a significant amount of our time observing, playing alongside and interacting with our children.  From this we gain an insight into their interests, their characteristics of learning and their next steps. These observations go on to determine what theme we will learn about next.  There are also events throughout the year that are of interest to the children e.g. Easter, Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year, Divali, Seasonal Changes.  These also contribute the broad and balanced curriculum that we provide. 

Our outdoor area also provides opportunity for children to explore and learn and is an extension of our classroom.  Like our indoor space the area is enhanced with activities/experiences that support our theme. These encourage children to learn and achieve in all seven areas of learning and development.

To teach reading and writing we follow the Read Write Inc Programme. Phonics is taught four times a week through whole class teaching and small group work.  Children are introduced to four new letters and the sounds these make each week. They are then encouraged to blend these letter sounds together to read words and sentences.

Similarly children are taught Maths four times a week through adult led activities.  Numicon is used to teach much of our number work.  Children are taught to recognise the Numicon tiles and then use the tiles to develop their mathematical understanding.   For example, the tiles support our work on addition/subtraction, finding one more/one less, doubling/halving, odd/even numbers.