Playing With Fire

Is your child playing with fire?

This page is designed to support parents who find that their son or daughter is playing with fire. Please contact the Headteacher who can also provide further support and guidance.

Help is available!
  • If you believe a child in your care is playing with fire, there are a number of things you must do.
  • Contact the Fire Service and request a FACE visit.
  •  Call 01482 567475 and ask for a FACE visit or leave a message on the voicemail and your call will be retuned as soon as possible.
  • Details will be taken and passed on to the relevant FACE Officer.

A FACE worker will be in contact and arrange for a visit to take place at a suitable time and date.

It is important to make sure:
  • At least one smoke alarm is fitted and working on each level of the home.
  • That matches and lighters are kept out of reach of children.
  • To search the child's school bags and bedroom for matches or lighters.
  • You have a fire escape plan.
  • You know what to do if you discover a fire.

The F.A.C.E. Programme

The confidential programme normally lasts approximately 45 minutes and will usually consist of the following:
  • Short Video Presentations
  • Discussions about the dangers of fire
  • The fire officers personal experiences
  • Provision of a workbook.

Fire officers will agree a time and date with parents/guardians, where they will visit the home and discuss the various dangers associated with fire.


To introduce a programme of learning that will advise children and young people about the dangers of fire and the consequences of their actions.


The young person will realise the consequences of their actions, how it may affect the people they live with.

The young persons' awareness and behaviour towards the dangerous and disastrous effects of fire will be transformed.

The risk to the child, the people they live with, the community as well as the demand upon the Fire Brigade will be reduced.