Fostering Good Relations Across All Characteristics

International Award:     

The school has an extensive programme for the teaching of international studies, which include China, India, Kenya and strongly believes in teaching children to value diversity and celebrate the different cultures of the world and those within our own country.

The school has in-depth links with 3 Chinese schools in the city of Dalian, on China’s north east coast.  These links involve staff travelling from the UK and China to teach pupils from each other’s schools and pupils from China visiting on more than one occasion to live with host families and take part in the daily life of Broughton Junior School.

PHSE and C:                    

The School values the contribution the local community can make in ensuring pupils appreciate the diversity of our society and the importance of treating everyone as equal and valuing their contribution to our daily lives.  We have close links with Broughton Town Councillors and North Lincolnshire Councillors, as well as our local MP.

Behaviour :                     

The school has a strong ethos of expecting all pupils to behave well and takes a very proactive stance on tackling the small number of bullying incidences which occur.  The SLT takes particular interest in any issues which involve the very small number of pupils who have protected characteristics related to race.  The Golden Rules are fairly applied to all pupils and pupils concerns are investigated including those that come to light through our Worry Box and our trusted adult scheme.

The Arts:                          

Our Gold Arts Mark demonstrates our commitment to the diversity and equality, which the Arts always champion.  Our resident artists help to challenge pupils more ‘narrow’ views and give them the opportunity to meet with and be taught by a diverse group of individuals.

Inter School Links:          

We work with a number of schools across the region, who serve very differing communities.  These links regularly involve pupils visiting each other’s schools and taking part in activities often with an international dimension.  Including the annual celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival and a weeklong ‘My Life in a Box’ project with one of our link schools.