Why we need good behaviour

Good behaviour makes effective teaching and learning possible, as well as promoting a positive atmosphere throughout the school.

The code of conduct for pupils

The way we expect children to behave at this school encompassed in what we call the "Golden Rules". These are displayed in all classrooms and public areas within the school. Your child's class teacher will regularly discuss the rules with the children to help them to follow them in their daily life within school.

The Golden Rules

  • Do be gentle and so do not hurt anybody
  • Do be kind and helpful so as not to hurt people's feelings
  • Do work hard and therefore not waste yours or other people's time
  • Do look after property and do not waste or damage things
  • Do listen to people and so do not interrupt
  • Do be honest and do not cover up the truth


All children enjoy genuine praise and it is the school's belief that this is the greatest reward a child can receive. Children will be regularly rewarded with positive comments about their behaviour and work. This might include some of the following, verbal praise by the teacher, verbal praise by the Headteacher, displaying and celebrating achievement around the school and in assemblies, discussing good behaviour or work at Parents Evenings, praising the child's behaviour in reports and records.

Children who behave well may be given further responsibilities, which might include, cloakroom monitor, helping the teacher in the classroom or helping at school events.

Final Thought

The vast majority of children behave very well at this school and the school rightly enjoys a good reputation within the community it serves. The school always wants to work with parents and pupils to improve behaviour and discipline. The Headteacher welcomes discussion with any parents who have concerns regarding discipline.
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