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Meet our current school council members:

Pupils in Y6 took part in the 2015 Flags Project with the Houses of Parliament, having been nominated by our MP Andrew Percy.  You can see our winning entry and others by clicking

2015 marks the 750th anniversary of the Montfort Parliament, where elected representatives of the shires and boroughs came together for the first time. To mark this important year, the 2015 Flag Project invites Primary school students (ages 7-11) across the UK to design a flag to represent their constituency. Explore the fantastic designs submitted by county, by constituency or by using the interactive map. Click on a flag to take a closer look and find out the inspiration behind the design, or upload your own flag to add to this unique collection.

Broughton Primary School

Explanation as to the reasoning behind the design: The green was chosen to represent the agriculture that our area is known for. The blue was chosen to represent the rivers that are in our region: Ancholme, Ouse, Trent and Humber. The wheat represents the large number of farms that grow cereal crops, with the tractor also referring to the farming community which is strong in our area too. The windmill refers to the large number of windmills that were present in the Brigg and Goole area, whilst also making reference to the recent building of electricity generating wind turbines. How the final design was decided: All the children in Year 6 were told about the project. We discussed the symbolism present in many flags today, and mind mapped what symbols could represent our area. All the children made their own designs. The two Year 6 teachers then narrowed it down to the top 3 and worked with the children to combine the best parts of all their flags - the product being our submitted flag design.

Broughton Primary School Council, visited Crowle Primary School in March 2015 to share with their School Council the lunchtime experience.  Both School Councils have been working together to ensure that the lunchtime provision at both schools is developed and improved through the sharing of ideas and systems.

School Council Visit Crowle Primary School March 2015

Broughton Primary School Council meet with Crowle Primary School Council to discuss lunchtime provision and how both schools might work together to improve their provision.

Crowle Primary School Council and Broughton Primary School Council meet to discuss lunchtimes

Andrew Percy MP meets with our School Council as part of Parliament Week.  They and he discussed local and international issues and he invited them to visit him in London in the Spring Term 2015.

The School Council and Eco Warriors working together to create a better school environment.

Eco Warriors and School Council October 2014

Our first ever Broughton Primary School Council 2014 are elected, along with our Eco Warriors and are presented with their badges of office.

School Council and Eco Warriors 2014

Andrew Percy, MP visits our school to talk about his job and meet with the School Council as part of Parliament Week November 2013.
The School Council Spend an amazing day in London with their MP Andrew Percy
The School Council, this week headed off for London (our capital city) and the Houses of Parliament to meet with our local MP Andrew Percy. Andrew invited the School Council, at the Junior School, to visit him in London, having met with them in the Autumn Term. He gave them a tour of Westminster and then the Council boarded the London Eye, followed by a cruise on the River Thames and a walking tour of central London; before returning home on the East Coast intercity train...

School Council Visit London 2013