Can you locate Sweden on this map of Europe?

This shows all the counties of Sweden.

Sweden forms part of Scandinavia with Norway and Denmark.

‘Norden’ or Nordic is another name for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Faro Islands.

Did You Know…

  • That Sweden is 449, 964 square kilometres or 173, 732 square miles…
  • That’s nearly twice the size of United Kingdom! 
  • There are 9, 024, 186 people living in Sweden…
  • That is only one seventh of people living in the United Kingdom!
  • That Sweden is nearly a thousand miles long…
  • That is about a third longer than United Kingdom!
  • There is approximately 90, 000 lakes and 700 mountains in Sweden…
  • The highest mountain is 2111 meters…
  • Sweden’s capital and largest city is Stockholm…
  • The currency is called Krona… 

  • That the far north of Sweden gets 24 hour sunlight in the summer…
  • That Sweden is rich in natural resources such as iron and wood…

This is the Swedish King Carl the 16th Gustav and Queen Sylvia with their oldest daughter Victoria heir to the throne.

The Swedish Flag

This map shows the average temperature in Sweden.

Can you see the difference in temperature between the north and the south?

The south part of Sweden has similar weather to England, but the north gets very cold in winter.

This is a traditional Swedish House

The Northern Lights

A Moose or Elk one of the largest animals in Sweden

Learn how to count in Swedish

  • 0 noll (noll)
  • 1 ett (ett)
  • 2 två (tvaw)
  • 3 tre (trree)
  • 4 fyra (fe-ra)
  • 5 fem (fem)
  • 6 sex (sekss)
  • 7 sju (shoe)
  • 8 åtta (ot-ta)
  • 9 nio (nee-u)
  • 10 tio (tee-u)