Where is Poland? Look at the map below to find the location of Poland in relation to Europe.

Which countries neighbour Poland?

By looking at the map shown above, it can be seen that Poland neighbours many countries, as well the Baltic Sea on its northern border.

  • Northern Border: Baltic Sea
  • Western Border: Germany
  • South-Western Border: Czech Republic
  • Southern Border: Slovakia
  • South-Eastern Border: Ukraine
  • Eastern Border: Belarus
  • North-Eastern Border: Lithuania & Kaliningrad

Poland is an Eastern European country because it is located towards the Eastern edge of Europe. Poland joined the EU in 2004.

What is the climate like in Poland?

The word climate refers to the weather which a country experiences. A country’s climate depends on its position in the world, for example, whether it is near the equator or whether oceans or seas surround it. In Poland, the climate is maritime and continental. A maritime climate means that there is little change in temperatures between the winter and summer seasons. A continental climate means that summers are hot and winters are cold and there is little rainfall. This type of climate is typical of the interior of a continent, for example, land-locked countries. In relation to Poland, the northern parts of Poland tend to experience a maritime climate, whereas the southern parts of Poland (which are land-locked) experience a continental climate. Therefore, Poland has a varied climate. There are very cold and snowy winters and warm summers with plenty of rainfalls in July. During the spring and autumn the weather can be very surprising, because of the air masses which come either from the south-west (warm air) or from the north east (cold air) of the continent.

Some Statistics About Poland

  • Area: 312,680 sq km
  • Population: 38.6 million
  • Capital city: Warsaw
  • Main spoken language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 94%, Orthodox 2%
  • Major cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk

Polish Flags

The official Polish flag consists of two horizontal bands of equal size, with the top one white and the bottom one red. The flag which features Poland’s white eagle on a red shield set against a white background is known as the “bandera”, which is a ship’s flag or ensign. According to Polish flag tradition, it is meant to be flown by Polish ships at sea.

The Official Polish Flag

However, many Polish people prefer the flag featuring the eagle because it looks more distinctive than just the red and white flag.

Poland’s National Emblem

Poland’s official crest is a white eagle with a golden beak and talons with its head positioned to the right. The eagle is set against a red shield. The eagle first appeared on coins made in the 12th century and from them onwards, on royal seals. The emblem is still used today on Polish publications and other Polish products. The emblem is famous throughout the world.

A child's life in Poland

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