The Seychelles is a group of over 100 islands known as an archepelago. They lie in the western part of the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Africa.

Most of the islands are made out of coral and are low-lying. The 3 main islands are made out of granite and have a ridge of mountains in their centre. The highest mountain is called Morne Seychellois (905 metres high).

Tourism is very important in the Seychelles with a third of the working people working in tourism. Another important industry is tuna fishing.

The Seychelles has a tropical climate. That means it is very hot, humid and there is a high rainfall.

The Seychellois (the Seychelles people)

The people on the islands are descended from British and French settlers as well as African people. The 3 languages spoken are English, French and Creole which is a type of French dialect. Here are a few Creole words for you to try!

Bonzour = Hello

Orevwar = Goodbye

Kir dir? = How are you?

Mersi = Thank you

Silvouple = Please

Oowe = yes

Non = No

Mon pa konpra = I don’t understand

The Seychelles people love music and dancing. The main Creole music has a lot of rhythm and is often accompanied by drums and tambours.

Food on the islands is spicy. One dish is grilled fish served in a sauce of chillies, ginger and garlic. Curries are also popular, often cooked in coconut milk. Fresh fruits such as papaya are often enjoyed too.

The Seychelles Flag

  • Capital: Victoria
  • Population: 81,000
  • Head of Government: President
  • Joined Commonwealth: 1976