Comparing Maps

Map 1

  • What sort of map is this?
  • What is the capital of Jamaica called?
  • How many different parishes are there in Jamaica?
  • How long is Jamaica approximately?
  • What is the name of the sea which surrounds Jamaica?

Map 2

  • What sort of map is this?
  • What part of the island do you think has the highest land?
  • What is missing from the map to help you with the question above?

Maps 3 and 4

  • List three of the crops grown on Jamaica.
  • Where are most of the crops grown?
  • Why are there not many crops grown between Kingston and Port Antonio on the eastern end of the island?
  • Why is there only a rain-forest at the eastern end of the island? (Hint: Compare this map to Map 2)

Map 5

  • Why are the sugar factories located where they are? (Hint: You might compare this map to Map 3)
  • Why do you think the tourist areas are located around the coast of Jamaica?
  • Can you find out what bauxite is and why it is important to Jamaica?
  • Now you have found out what bauxite is – does this change your answer about tourist areas?