Mrs Smith

Mrs Smith’s Literacy Group:

Picture 1:

Look at the yellow and black car, how is it different from our cars?

Why do you think some of the cars are open sided?

Which side of the road is the traffic travelling on?

Who is the man directing the traffic?

Picture 2:

Is this boy working or riding the rickshaw for pleasure?

What do you think this boy is carrying on this cycle rickshaw?

Do you think this boy has a lot of money?

Picture 3:

Do you think these are houses in the front of the picture?

How many people would live in one of these shanty houses?

Do you think people live or work in the high rise building in the background?

Picture 4/5:

Describe the house in picture 4.

Describe the house in picture 5.

What are the main differences between the two houses?

What are the main similarities between the two houses?

Which house would you prefer to live in and why?