Here is a map showing the countries that are currently part of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic force working for the good of all its citizens.

Dominica joined the Commonwealth in 1978.

Use the map to locate the island of Dominica in the Caribbean.

All About Dominica

Dominica is officially named ‘The Commonwealth of Dominica’, pronounced Domin-ee-ka. It is a small island situated in the East Caribbean and is part of the Windward Islands.

Dominica is a volcanic island 46 kilometres in length. It is known as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’, the unspoilt world of green mountains, boiling lakes and rainforests.

  • Area 754 sq km
  • Population 69,278 (July 2004)
  • Nationality Dominican
  • Language English
  • Capital Roseau
  • Currency East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • Religion Roman Catholic
  • Climate Subtropical and hot, but cooled by sea breezes, with a rainy season in June-October, when hurricanes my occur. Rainfall is heavy, especially in mountain areas.
  • Exports Bananas, soap, vegetables, grapefruit, oranges
  • National Motto ‘After God is the Earth’


The flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica consists of a circular emblem of red with the Sisserou Parrot standing on a twig surrounded by ten lime green stars. There are three vertical and three horizontal stripes of yellow, black and white against a background of forest green.

  • The Sisserou parrot is the National Bird of Dominica, and also a symbol of flight towards greater ambition.
  • The ten lime green stars, the symbol of hope, also represents the ten parishes of the country.
  • The red circle symbolises Dominica’s commitment to justice.
  • The yellow stripe represents the sunshine, citrus fruits and bananas and the first inhabitants of the island, the Carib and Arawak people.
  • The white stripe represents the pureness of the rivers, waterfalls and the people.
  • The black stripe represents the rich black soil and the African heritage.
  • The green background symbolises the rich forest and general lushness of the island.

Sights Around Dominica

Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

The boiling lake collects the rainfall from the surrounding hills. The water seeps through to the hot lava below where it is trapped and heated to boiling point.

The water temperature ranges from 82 to 91.5 degrees Celsius.

The Emerald Pool

Waterfalls and pools are part of the natural beauty of the Island of Dominica.

Traditional Dress

Roseau - The capital of Dominica.


Many people live in one storey houses, which they have built themselves. In some areas they have to build their houses on the hillside as flat land is limited.

Scott’s Head

Scott’s Head is the most southerly point in Dominica

Traditional Caribbean dancing

Soldier-fish Cave 

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