Countries in the Commonwealth

Here is a map showing the countries that are currently part of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic force working for the good of all its citizens.

The Bahamas joined the Commonwealth in 1973.

Use the map to locate the Bahamas.

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas

The Bahamas are an archipelago of approximately 700 islands and cays (coral reefs) about 50 miles off the coast of Florida. They extend for over 750 miles and cover more than 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the larger islands are populated as are a few of the smaller islands.

The Bahamas gets its name from the Spanish words meaning shallow seas. The waters surrounding the Bahamas are virtually pollution free and are the cleanest and most colourful in the world. The beaches are spectacular ranging from coral pink to ivory white.

The Bahamas also has some of the deepest waters in the world just east of Andros Island. Here the waters are over a mile deep. 

Facts about the Bahamas

  • Official Name: - The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • Location: - The Caribbean
  • Capital: - Nassau which is situated on the island of New Providence
  • Population: - 300,000 inhabitants, over 85% are of African origin
  • Language: - English (official language)
  • Religion: - Predominantly Christian
  • Head of State: - Queen Elizabeth II
  • Head of Government: - Prime Minister Perry Gladstone Christie
  • Currency: - Bahamian dollar (B$) on par with the US dollar
  • Average temperature: - 70 -90 degrees year round

The Flag of the Bahamas

The black triangle represents the unity of the 300,000 people of The Bahamas, who are mainly of African descent. The blue stripes represent the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The gold strip in the middle represents the sandy shores of the Bahamian islands.

The Coat of Arms

On top of the shield is a conch shell that represents the marine life of the islands. This rests upon a helmet. On the shield is Christopher Columbus’ ship the Santa Maria, which is sailing beneath the sun. The flamingo and marlin supporting the shield are the national animals. The flamingo is upon land and the marlin upon sea, showing the geography of the islands. The National Motto is written at the bottom.

Flora and Fauna of The Bahamas


A wide variety of plant life thrives in the tropical islands of the Bahamas. These include orchids, palms, plums and mangroves. Legislation has been passed to protect endangered species.


Local indigenous fauna includes invertebrates such a ants, spiders, wasps and honey bees. The islands are also home to 13 species of mammals including bats and the hutia, an endangered rodent-like creature found only in The Bahamas.

Iguana, a native of Islands of the Bahamas

Many animals such as cats, dogs, horses and common farm animals were introduced to the islands by settlers over the centuries.

The Abaco Parrot, only found in the Islands of the Bahamas