Facts 2

  • Australia is the sixth largest country in the world.
  • It is an island, surrounded by water.
  • It is in the smallest continent in the world called Oceania.

  • Australia is in the south of the equator.
  • When it is summer in the UK, it is winter in Australia.
  • When it is winter in the UK, it is summer in Australia.


  • Most of Central Australia is hot, dry desert land.
  • People live near the sea because it is cooler. 
  • In the north of Australia there is a large rain forest and the weather is wet and hot.

States and Territories

  • Australia is divided into six states and two territories.
  • The Capital City is Canberra.
  • Other Major cities include: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide 

The Flag

  • The Australian flag has a dark blue background.
  • The Union Jack of the UK is in the top left corner showing that Australia is part of the Commonwealth. 
  • There is a large white 7-pointed star called the Commonwealth Star. 
  • It also has five other white stars.

Town Life

  • Most people live and work in the cities in the south-east of the country. 
  • The houses in the city are large with gardens at the front and the back. 
  • The gardens get larger the further away from the centre of the city the house is. 
  • Some houses even have space for a swimming pool. Everyone is friendly and most people know each other. 

Country Life

  • Life in the countryside is very different to life in the cities. 
  • In Australia, the countryside is called the Outback. Many people in the Outback are farmers, fruit growers or miners. 
  • People in the Outback live so far away from their other people they have to drive in order to see them. 
  • They usually only go to the shops once a week.
  • Children who live here don’t go to school. They have lessons over the radio and internet. 
  • The Flying Doctor comes to see people who are ill or need to be taken to hospital.


  • In Australia , children begin school at five or six years old. 
  • In towns and cities, children go to Primary school first, then Secondary school when they are 12 years old. 
  • The school year begins in January or early February and ends in December.
  • There are about 30 children in each class.
  • School starts at 9.00am and finishes at about 3.00pm. Children wear a school uniform.
  • They have lessons in English, maths, science and technology, drama, history, geography, scripture, music, art and sport. 

Famous Landmarks in Australia

Sydney Opera House