Gabriele Munter

Gabriele Munter was an artist during the 1920’s 1930’s. She was part of an art movement called the Expressionists. The Expressionists believed that the artist should not think for hours and hours about their work, instead the artist should work quickly to get their ideas down. Gabriele Munter was known for producing up to five pieces of art work in a day!

She was known to say one day

“Most of my pieces that turned out well were made quickly and without correction, as though by themselves.”

When the Nazis came to power her work was condemned as degenerate which means a bad influence on other people.

Here are some photographs of Gabriele.

Here is some of Munter’s work. Look carefully at these paintings and then answer the questions asked.

Gabriele Munter had a particular style, shapes in her paintings were outlined in black, look carefully at this.

If you were the artist who painted this picture what title would you give this painting?

Where does Gabriele Munter want you to sit, look at the position of the people in the boat, where are you as the onlooker?

Look at the eyes of the people in the boat, they are looking out at you, how would you describe their expressions?

What colours have been used to paint the mountains and what is the effect of painting the mountains in these colours?

What do you think Gabriele Munter wanted us to focus in on with this painting, the scenery, people, what do you think?

What would you title this painting?

Where does Gabriele Munter want you stand as the onlooker?

The painting is simple, detail is missing. Where has detail been missed, has this spoilt the painting?

What time of day has Gabriele painted this piece, how do you know?

Using the questions above now write about this painting. What colours have been used, are there black outlines, your view of the painting, do you like it?