The River Yangtze Picture Puzzle

The Instructions:

Look at the pictures below of the River Yangtze. 
Copy and paste them into a presentation (One picture per slide!).
Choose the correct title from the selection below and the correct caption to match each picture.

The titles:

Lock gates in a dam on the Yangtze

Local ferry on the Yangtze

New bridge across the Yangtze, near Chongqing

Chaotianmen Docks, Chongqing

Luxury dragon boat on the Yangtze

River-side town on the Yangtze

Barge delivering to ferry

Factory by the Yangtze

A narrow Yangtze gorge

Coal barge on the Yangtze

The Captions:

A small local ferry boat is travelling downstream. It will soon pass beneath a new road bridge being built across the Yangtze. The river water is brown with suspended silt and pollution.

Dragon boats carry top-of-the-market overseas tourists on their Three Gorges cruise in luxury. The boat is passing dramatic cliffs in one of the gorges. Tourists view this from behind huge plate-glass windows that enclose the sides of the boat.

High, vertical cliffs form the sides of this gorge on the Yangtze. They dwarf the three boats journeying down stream. The three gorges are frequently enveloped in mist.

The local ferry is visiting a village high on the river bank. The settlement is above summer flood level. Passengers for the ferry scramble up or down the narrow track that goes to the left from where the boat is moored, between river and road. There are terraced hillsides growing fruit trees and crops behind the village, and mountains beyond.

A boat has entered a ship-lock on the Gezhou Dam. This is on the Yangtze near the city of Yichang, downstream from the Three Gorges Dam. It is an HEP dam built in 1970-1988.

Chongqing is ’a booming industrial city seething with heat, humidity and dust’ at the confluence of the Jianling and Yangtze rivers. The Chaotianmen Docks is the beginning and end point of Three Gorges cruises down and up the Yangtze. The huge city forms the background to the cable cars. They take passengers to and from the ferries whatever the water level. Passenger ferries of different sizes are moored.

The 3 Gorges Dam is nearly complete downstream from here (to the right). Water level has started rising behind the dam to form a huge lake. The large white board near the hill top on the left marks the level to which the water will rise when the Dam is complete and the lake has filled. New flats have been built on top of the hills. Some of the people whose homes will be flooded will move into these. Others will be moved further away. A variety of river transport is at the quayside. Think what effect this will have on the scenery of the gorges, as well as on the people.

Coal is mined in the Yangtze valley. The coal is then transported on the river by barge. It is delivered to coal-burning factories or transported to the towns up and down the river. Notice the terraced hills on the river bank with mountains beyond.

A coal-burning factory on the bank of the river is belching out fumes. There are many such factories along the river. Each uses river transport to bring in resources and take out products. There are several different types of boat on the river here.

Small barges pull up beside the larger Chinese passenger ferries to supply passengers. They sell local produce, especially fruit and vegetables, cooked food, bottled water and other drinks.

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