Mr Hargrave's good friend Zhong wei lin recently visited the city of Nanjing and sent us a selection of pictures and information about this important Chinese City.

Nanjing is a good place to see a bit of Chinese history and culture away from the tourist route; the city is littered with cultural relics, museums and nice scenery and is small enough to get around in a short period of time. For those living or staying in Shanghai, Nanjing makes a nice alternative destination for a weekend vacation. Nanjing is ranked as one of the six ancient metropolises of China, the 2000 year old city enjoying the reputation as the "capital of ten dynasties". Among all the dynasties that had their capital in Nanjing, the Ming left the city with the most cultural relics, including the Nanjing City Wall, Zhuyuanzhang's Mausoleum and the Drum Tower. The city was also the birth place of China's first democratic revolutionary, Dr.Sun Yat Sen (Sun zhongshan),and his Mausoleum is situated majestically upon the slopes of the nearby Purple Mountain. There are also many other cultural sites relating to him in Nanjing.